No Strangers 2017

Once again, Art Intersection did an amazing job of curating and hanging "No Strangers" – the annual members exhibit. I'm so proud and grateful to be part of this amazing community of photographic artists!

The four pieces I exhibited are from a series on Desert Center, California, a now-defunct rest area with quite an interesting history and requisite colorful characters. The goal for these images was bring to mind for the viewer the feelings I had when I experienced this place - its present state of decay and abandonment, but also the suggestion of the past stories and people that visited here … two little boys pretending to hunt wild beasts, a tired salesman opening his cabin door, a young couple stealing kisses at the gas pump, moth wings beating beneath the one light visible for miles. I’ve always found peace and a sense of belonging in forgotten places like this – something I discovered about myself on photo-camping trips when I first started shooting. Wind, the only interruption to the quiet of out-of-the-way spaces, always seems to spark my writer’s imagination.