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Studio updates.

"Delicate" part of saltfront #5

                 "Delicate"  © 2016 Cyd Peroni

                "Delicate"  © 2016 Cyd Peroni

An image I call "Delicate" was certainly one of my favorites from 2016, so when I found out it would be included in saltfront, an environmental humanities literary and art journal, I was very happy (like dancing in the kitchen happy). The joy came because I felt honored, but more importantly because it gave me the chance to express how I feel about the fragility of the natural, wild world.

Creatures like this baby bird die largely unnoticed every day. Part of nature. Part of man and nature coming into contact. I wanted to pay tribute to the grace of this tiny life. Surrounding it with some of my dried orchid flowers seemed right - both so beautiful and delicate.

Cyd Peroni