I’m a late bloomer. Got my driver’s license at 26. Married at 30. Graduated from college at 37. Started my own freelance writing career at 48. Decided I could no longer live without a camera in my hand at 50.

I believe in magic and angels. I feel a visceral connection to plants, animals, and nature in general. Poetry and violin music can make me cry. A full moon and the way it lights up the night fills me with awe.

I grew up in rural Ohio surrounded by rolling green hills, farms, and coal mines. There wasn’t much to do there so I daydreamed quite a bit. I did take dance lessons and learned to play the flute. My 4H club advisor taught me how to sew a bean bag, a needle book, and tea towel. I imagined I would be a writer after I got a letter from author Carolyn Keene (I only learned recently there were lots of Nancy Drew writers). I knew I’d be a photographer when I saw the texture and shapes of a snow-covered tree trunk through the lens of my first camera.

My work is about making sense of life, a sorting out of experiences and attendant emotions. Since life seems so complicated, I’m drawn to distilling my images down to essential elements. I try to give tangibility to those sacred, invisible things that live deep inside my heart (everyone’s heart really) and are often manifested in nature. The physicality of photographs are important. I like touching the paper when I’m working, the creation of a handmade object. My photographs are an offering and my hope that I will leave something behind for someone else that is beautiful and meaningful and lasting.